Dating ball perfect mason jars

The value of antique ball, mason and kerr canning jars varies greatly typical prics range from $8 to $25 a jar look at the books listed above on this page for more details about how to value a jar. Most ball mason jars which have an aquamarine bluish tint to them carry little to no collector's value at all, according to glass bottle marks, because they are not actually rare the ball company created hundreds of millions of jars between 1913 and 1960. Jars, oil “cans,” molasses “cans,” lamp bases and chimneys at a 12-pot furnace4 brady and tallman registered the company as a corporation of the state of pennsylvania on may 3, 18895 the plant added an eight-pot furnace in 1892.

According to the press release: introduced in 1913 in muncie, in, the name perfect mason acknowledged the first-ever self-manufacture of each part of the ball jar—ensuring a perfect fit and revolutionizing the home canning process by providing canners with matching jars, lids and bands in a single unit the ball heritage. #4 – ball perfect mason jars were a type of fruit (and vegetable) canning jar made from 1913-60 other types of ball jars include ball mason, ball ideal, ball improved, ball special and ball sure seal. Ball jar dating guide dating kerr mason jars ball jar dating guide it would have dating kerr mason jars been much easier if ball had placed a date on each and every jar, but that didn't happenluckily, there are some tips and tricks. Ball perfect mason the ball perfect mason was a brand of glass fruit jar (canning jar) made by the ball bros glass company ball bros was based in muncie, indiana (see “ball brothers glass company” page, for a brief summary of that glass company) glass jars with this embossed marking probably constitute the most popular jar for home.

I’m the current contact for information about historical ball jars on the ball corporation web site one of the most common emails i receive comes with a description of a jar—eg, blue pint perfect mason with the number 5 on the bottom—and the question, “how old is my jar. Find great deals on ebay for ball perfect mason jar shop with confidence. The roots of the ball glass manufacturing company go back to 1880, when frank and edmund ball of buffalo, new york, purchased the wooden jacket can company originally the brothers manufactured metal cans wrapped in wood, but when john l mason's 1858 patent for a fruit-canning jar expired, the brothers prepared to move into.

Value depends on a lot vintage ball jar dating of factors, but many canning jars sell for underan antique ball brand perfect mason jar sold on online for about , likely because dating ball mason jars , ball perfect mason jar value , rare ball dating married woman advice jars , atlas mason jars value , blue mason jar number 13 value , ball. Regarding the script on the jars: two have the word ball with a tail (almost looks like bally) followed by perfect mason in block letters, of which one the words do not line up (the one with the bump) three have the word ball perfect mason, one of these the lettering is thicker than the other two. Ball perfect masonthe ball perfect mason was a brand of glass fruit jar canning jar made by the ball brosball bros was based in muncie, indianasee ball brothers glassthey were democratic in origin and in lifetall as a maypole, pimp snooky tall as a poplar, tall as a steeple, lankywhen the first movement ended, thea's hands and feet.

Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in new york city everyone loves mason jars the sturdy glass jars with their airtight seals have been a favorite for making preserves, pickles. During 1940s and '50s, the company was one of the largest producers of canning jars along with competitors ball and kerr check the style and color only a few types of atlas jars are collectible: the atlas e-z seal, atlas h over a mason, and the atlas strong shoulder mason. Mason jars patented nov 30th, 1858 instantly recognizable by avid vintage-lovers, the nov 30th 1858 patent date appears on literally thousands of canning jars produced between 1858-1920 mason wasn’t the only manufacturer to add this patent date to his jars, hence its vast proliferation. These vintage mason jars from the 1840s to the 1920s are the staple of retro country charm lightning jar by ball 25 mason jars that are perfect for fall 19 star-spangled ways to use mason jars 17 beautiful mason jar flower arrangements.

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  • Ball perfect mason jars in my kitchen as well going through my stash of old jars today & found a few you didn’t mention so thought i’d see if you knew anything about them the 1st doesn’t mention ‘ball’ on it is an older style (sloped shoulders), pale green, with an iron cross design above the words mason’s, patent, nov 30th 1858.

The script style was that of a cursive ball with an extra loop at the end, known as “3-l” ball jars they also continued to make the mason’s patent nov 30th 1858 jars (machine made smooth lipped varieties) up into the early 1900’s. Find great deals on ebay for ball perfect mason jars shop with confidence. Modern ball mason jars are marked with many different numbers, and those numbers vary by the company which is manufacturing them under the ball brand name the numbers can refer to the plant location, the job or batch number and the date of.

Dating ball perfect mason jars
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